Using Custom Floor Decals For Advertising

floor decals for advertising

If you wish to promote your business or get people interested in what you have to offer, then consider the many options available when it comes to using floor decals for advertising. There are literally hundreds of different types of floor designs you can use to attract customers and increase sales. With so many options available and the range in price to suit any budget, these decals are fast becoming a must have item in every business’s shop box. If you haven’t already invested in some of these decals for advertising, you should really get onto it as soon as possible. They’re low cost, high impact and guaranteed to bring success in the long term.

To get started with using floor decals for advertising, you first need to consider exactly what type of business you have. Do you have a store front or perhaps you run a business from your home. Do you sell a range of products or maybe you sell a particular range only. The type of product/service you sell will certainly have an impact on the type of floor graphics you need to use and where you should go to get them.

Think about the look you want to achieve and then work out a way in which you can make sure the design looks right once applied. Think about colour, shape, size and what colour and shape you would like your floor graphics to be. Once you have considered all this you can move on to the actual selection of floor decals for your business. Here are some ideas of what to look for when you start choosing floor graphics for your business:

If you have a busy social media presence and lots of customers visiting your website then adding social media graphics for your advertising campaign is a great idea. You can find decal designs that will look great on social media websites such as Facebook. Once you have used a decal designed by a professional graphic designer then you can add these same graphics to all of the social media profiles you have. This will ensure that everyone, wherever they are on the internet, can see your brand and services or products.

A very popular idea when it comes to using floor graphics to promote your business is to use car stickers. Car stickers are very popular as they are practical, easy to apply and very noticeable. Think about the stickers you see put onto cars around the town. They often feature the name of the company, the car manufacturer and the contact details. It can be very effective to incorporate these same car stickers into your advertising campaign.

If you have a busy local area then custom floor graphics will be even more effective as you can get people walking over the decals straight from their homes or offices. There are plenty of great ideas available but remember that the purpose of these is not simply to decorate the room but rather improve the foot traffic through the use of patterns and textures. When you have foot traffic moving through a room it improves the chances of your customers buying from you. A good idea is to place different types of custom floor graphics in each room.

You could also take advantage of the natural patterns that nature has to offer. If you go to a wetland then you will find that some of the plants have small pebbles in them. By placing these pebbles on your custom floor decals you can get people thinking about how these different colours relate to the water and this helps to improve the atmosphere. Think about using plants that grow in unusual places. Examples include cymbidium, anemone and water lilies which are grown in wet areas.

Think about what types of other custom floor decals marketing campaigns you could incorporate into your business. Think about patterns that can be used across various departments. For example if you have a bar area you could add a picture of the bar and this could encourage foot traffic from customers that are passing by. You could also try out different ideas as regards the shape of the graphics. For example you could use stars as a form of advertising as well as simple shapes.